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I've been ordering from your restaurant for 4+ years. I've been very happy until today - why does your magherita pizza not have any basil? Today I had just a cheese pizza.

Victor, 17 Jan 2021

  Reply : Hi, sorry to hear this. Was this a Queen Margherita pizza you ordered or a standard Margherita? The standard Margherita pizza does not come with basil. Please do accept our apologies if you have ordered a queen Margherita and still didn’t have basil.


Victoria, 03 Dec 2020


Victoria, 03 Dec 2020

Great taste and great service, thankyou!

Zoe, 28 Nov 2020

Excellent pizzas worth the price

Michael, 28 Nov 2020

Forgot the chillis on the pepperoni hot but otherwise great

Chris Harris, 27 Nov 2020

Best pizza in Cambridge

Oli, 20 Nov 2020

Really good and nice price too.

Kerem, 17 Nov 2020

The buy one get one free offer did not take effect

Charlotte, 13 Nov 2020

Love your pizza guys! Keep it up!

Lada, 12 Nov 2020

says delivered, is not delivered an hour and a half later

Sam, 06 Nov 2020


Richard, 30 Oct 2020

Very nice pizza

Arthur, 30 Oct 2020

It would be nice if it would be possible to include a driver's tip when paying.

Hannah, 24 Oct 2020


Thank you, Cherry Box Pizza, lovely made food and it reached me warm and fresh. Delivery fast and man was wearing his mask, and followed my instructions for contactless delivery, which I appreciated very much. He also packaged my cold dessert separately from my hot food, which shows care for the little things for the customer. Cheers, and thank you!

Elena, 24 Oct 2020

Asked for a bit of extra sauce - and you guys made it PERFECTLY. A small thing, but really made my night. Thanks so much.

Sage, 09 Oct 2020

Please ignore my previous review, the manager kindly apologised for errors that occurred with my order and made efforts to make up the difficulties experienced

Fraser, 02 Oct 2020

Best pizza in Cambridge

Niall, 24 Sep 2020


Ako Poljment, 22 Sep 2020

Hi Guys!! I've been a regular customer ever since you opened and I must say I'm a little sad you've taken away the 'American Hot Jalapeno and Green Chili' options. These are my favorite and I now have to use the 'create your own' option which has increased the cost of this basic pizza (unless I choose a deal) so it is now extremely expensive to order my favorite pizza for delivery. Also, you should bring back the Haagen Dazs ice cream, it tastes so much better and is the main reason I ever decided to try a Cherry Box pizza all those years back. Your pizzas are still delicious though :)

Daniel, 11 May 2019

Great pizza and calzone


V good pizza




Lovely pizza!


Always love Cherry Box pizza!


Your pizzas are excellent. Keep it up!