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Food was not hot by the time it got to us, took over an hour to arrive, which was slightly disapointing as i have not had a problem before.

Ben, 20 Apr 2021

The pizzas are good (but it could be a little cheaper)

Kielder, 30 Mar 2021

  Reply : Dear customer,we appreciate your feedback,but as you know quality cost money,we use expensive high quality products and home made dough.

Last the pizza was just amazing! Keep up the good job guys

Lampros, 29 Mar 2021

Best pizza in Cambridge and always friendly service

Elle, 26 Mar 2021


Very good

Gary, 23 Mar 2021

Great pizzas!

Lucy, 27 Feb 2021

Great pizzas!

Lucy, 27 Feb 2021

Thanks for not only being able to provide a white pizza and tailoring it, but also making it so delicious (and being so punctual). You made our Friday night!

James, 27 Feb 2021

Really tasty pizza, very friendly staff.

Leah, 26 Feb 2021

You are the best pizza place ever

Enrico, 11 Feb 2021

Lovely pizzas. Many thanks.

L, 09 Feb 2021

Please bring back the pizza with the brie and pistachio creme! It was so delicious!

Eve, 05 Feb 2021

Excellent quality pizzas, a decent variety on the menu and very fast

Rob, 30 Jan 2021

Love this company but tonight pizza was late and cold so not happy today

Rebecca Daniel, 29 Jan 2021

Hi, thanks for the pizza, but my Il Padrino didn't have the mozzarella crust I ordered - please can you refund me the £2.99 I paid for this? I took a photo and would've sent it by email except I didn't get an email confirming my order, which is also a bit annoying. Thanks.

Amy, 27 Jan 2021

Cherry Box Pizza is lovely.

Leah, 27 Jan 2021

Wouldn’t have thought to order pizza but the text got me!

Andrew, 27 Jan 2021

I've been ordering from your restaurant for 4+ years. I've been very happy until today - why does your magherita pizza not have any basil? Today I had just a cheese pizza.

Victor, 17 Jan 2021

  Reply : Hi, sorry to hear this. Was this a Queen Margherita pizza you ordered or a standard Margherita? The standard Margherita pizza does not come with basil. Please do accept our apologies if you have ordered a queen Margherita and still didn’t have basil.


Victoria, 03 Dec 2020


Victoria, 03 Dec 2020

Great taste and great service, thankyou!

Zoe, 28 Nov 2020

Excellent pizzas worth the price

Michael, 28 Nov 2020

Forgot the chillis on the pepperoni hot but otherwise great

Chris Harris, 27 Nov 2020

Best pizza in Cambridge

Oli, 20 Nov 2020

Really good and nice price too.

Kerem, 17 Nov 2020

The buy one get one free offer did not take effect

Charlotte, 13 Nov 2020